The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood

We are ethnography


Ethnography and
the new normal

Ethnography is based on close interactions with people. This also works in times of Covid-19! In practice, this means: social proximity despite physical distancing. We have developed a dedicated ethnographic toolkit that allows us to continue generating Thick Data and optimal solutions. Get in touch to learn more about our Corona Toolkit.

Context is the solution

Ethnographic consulting focuses on context. That’s how we craft deep insights and innovative solutions for processes, products and services.

Ethnographers examine people's behaviour, their attitudes, ideas, desires and opinions in the context of their own environment. This can be at home or at work. For example, they analyse how people use products and why, how employees behave in organisational cultures or what cultural knowledge is necessary to be successful in foreign markets.

Consulting  |  Ethnographic consulting for assessing, further developing and creating new visions, concepts and measures.

Research  |  Ethnographic research reveals deep insights into the real world. It is important for understanding customer journeys, questions around market access, brand design, sociocultural change, product development or policy.

Workshops  |  Ethnographic workshops on diversity, global mindset, interculture and anti-racism for a more profound understanding of how a global economy and its work environments really function today. 


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thick data

We turn the world upside down and inside out, making the invisible visible. Thick Data gets up close and intimate with the problem under investigation. This is why it delivers deeper and more sustainable insights into the real world.

Thick Data means better data. It is data that explains how things work from an inside perspective. This is how real ethnography works.

Into the field: from context to solution

Ethnographic research takes a deep dive into the field and goes straight to the heart of the question.

The secret knowledge of frogs

A frog’s (not a bird’s) eye view! Why? A frog looks at the world from the thick of it all.

On long legs to sustainable solutions

Long legs take you to new places. contexters data provides real world insights that take you further.

'The way to do fieldwork is never to come up for air until it is all over.'

- Margaret Mead

we are real!

Expert consultancy meets real research competence. Ethnography defines our strength as researchers and innovative consultants.

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