We are real ethnographers

Expert ethnographers are different. And for real!

Decades of research at home and abroad meet business and policy consulting in Berlin, Brussels and around the world. We learned from the best. Ethnography is not just one of the things we do. It defines our strength as consultants who really do think outside the box.

Where others are still running after the latest trend, we rely on well-grounded, proven methodology and practices. We spend days - not hours - in the field discovering new insights for our customers.

dr. eric a. heuser

Eric has been an ethnographer for over 16 years, carrying out research at Ivy League universities worldwide. He has also delivered a range of diversity and intercultural trainings for business leaders. His work focuses on intercultural communication, critical whiteness, anti-racism, diversity, emergency humanitarian aid, pharma and policy.

He truly enjoys meeting new people from around the world and supporting them with their projects. Eric is trained in Social Anthropology and Intercultural Management and received his doctorate in Sociology.

Eric’s work has brought him to Australia, China, Germany, Indonesia and the US. He is eager to continue his work as researcher, consultant and trainer wherever great projects are asking for ethnographic advice!

Eric Heuser

Agnes Brandt

dr. agnes brandt

More than a decade of ethnography meets 10 years of consultancy in Germany, Brussels and internationally.

Agnes has worked in a range of areas, including social studies, market research, policy and communications. Agnes is an expert in topics related to climate change, the environment, public health and interculturalism. She loves working on projects of all sizes and involving a variety of stakeholders – from large and small NGOs to multi-national corporations to political decision-makers and educational institutions.

Over the years, Agnes’ professional life has taken her to Germany, Belgium, Japan, Turkey and New Zealand. Currently, she lives and works between Brussels and Berlin.

Why are we doing this?

To be honest: because 14 years ago we found out how much we enjoy working together! And because everything we did together always worked out extremely well. A short time later the idea of founding a company was born.

Our CVs and skills matched very well, as did our idea of starting an ethnographic consultancy. But before we finally went through with it and founded contexters, our professional journeys took us down slightly different but intertwined pathways, including science and market research, strategy and policy consulting, and workshop facilitation. Then we decided it was time to start up this business. We founded contexters officially in November 2020.

…and honestly: working together is still as much fun as it was 14 years ago!

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