Into the field

Ethnographic fieldwork is essentially about turning the world upside down. We dive deep into the field and change our perspective to get to the core of a question. With curiosity and analytical precision, we examine real life experiences and understand what makes people tick in the real world.

This deep dive into people’s life worlds is significantly different to other methods, such as phone interviews or generic observation of behaviour. It’s different because we experience people’s first-hand reactions to processes, products and services.

The secret knowledge of frogs

A frog’s (not a bird’s) eye view! Why? A frog looks at the world from the thick of it all – the shrubs, the garden, the wilderness. That’s what ethnography is all about.


Ethnographers go into the thick of people’s worlds in order to open up perspectives and to really understand processes and practices. A frog’s eye view is all about context and details. It enables those deep, holistic insights and new realisations which surprise and reveal new ways forward.

The idea of looking at the world with the eyes of a frog goes back to the American William Shedrick Willis, Jr.


On long legs to sustainable solutions

Long legs take you to new places.

Our data and solutions offer long-term perspectives, provide predictability and reduce risks.

Our solutions have long legs.

Good for you!





'I dig, you dig, we dig, he dig, she dig, they dig... it's not a beautiful poem but it's very deep.'

- Unknown

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