applied ethnography for innovative solutions


We offer bespoke concepts for your specific situation and business based on our methodology.

Whether you are looking for new market access strategies, thinking about product development and placement, are in need of fresh ideas and approaches to change management or whether you want to understand policy-related processes and develop the right solutions for them.

Our full service package always include an evidence-based analysis rooted in our methodology and, if desired, a bespoke capability training.

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic research is open-minded, innovative, flexible and curious about what’s lying underneath the surface.

We co-create a plan and uncover solutions, which match your exact needs – from explorations for the development or market access strategy of a new product over country specific analysis and innovation, interaction and processes research to policy related behavioural, decision-making and attitude studies.


Our world is characterised by diversity, complexity and is often confusing. Successful economic action requires new, creative as well as pragmatic strategies and good, respectful interactions.

Our capability trainings help our customers to manage complexity, to re-evaluate cultures and diversity and to value them as an important economic resource. This is how we lead you from chaos to clarity.

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