The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.

we are ethnography


Ethnographie und
die neue Normalität

Ethnographie basiert auf Interaktion mit  Menschen. Das heißt für uns: Physische Distanz bei größtmöglicher sozialer Nähe. Das geht auch in Zeiten von Covid-19! Hierfür haben wir einen ethnographischen Toolkit entwickelt, um weiterhin Dichte Daten und optimale Lösungen zu schaffen.

Wenn Sie mehr über unseren Corona Toolkit erfahren möchten, schreiben Sie uns. 

Context is the solution

To understand context means to decode. We are context experts and we think outside the box.

Our approach is based on applied ethnography. We find innovative solutions for processes, products, and services by employing deep, multi-perspective and holistic insights. They help to bring clarity and unlock efficient structures.

Together with our customers we develop a plan that is truly relevant and sustainable.


Customized concepts for your specific situation and business based on our methodology.


Ethnographic research is open-minded, innovative, flexible and curious about what’s lying underneath the surface.


Workshops for new strategies on diversity, intercultural communication, critical whiteness, anti-racism and globalisation.

Thick data

We examine challenges in their respective context, thereby generating Thick Data, the foundation of our methodological approach and analysis. Thick Data means uncovering those hidden, not immediately evident meanings.

It means connecting the dots and really understanding the complexity at hand with a view to reliable solution strategies. This is how we create a plan that is relevant, effective and sustainable.

Into the field: Let context guide the way

Ethnographic fieldwork is essentially understanding what makes people tick.

The secret knowledge of frogs

A frog’s (not a bird’s) eye view! Why? A frog looks at the world from the thick of it all.

On long legs to sustainable solutions

Long legs give the best views. Our data and solutions offer long-term perspectives.

'The way to do fieldwork is never to come up for air until it is all over.'

- Margaret Mead

for real!

We are real ethnographers! We unite up-to-date scientific ethnography with innovative strategic consulting. As trained ethnographers we know how to analyse and understand the nitty-gritty details of human behavior.

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